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East Midlands regional forecast

East Midlands forecast map

Grantham Light shower day 52.912 -0.642
Melton Mowbray Light rain 52.766 -0.886
New Bolingbroke Cloudy 53.103 -0.044
Daventry Cloudy 52.257 -1.163
Worksop Light rain 53.309 -1.121
Stretton Cloudy 52.733 -0.597
Mansfield Heavy rain 53.147 -1.197
Kettering Heavy shower day 52.396 -0.729
Nottingham Light shower day 52.92 -1.08
Northampton Cloudy 52.24 -0.901
Holbeach Heavy shower day 52.873 0.141
Lincoln Light rain 53.23 -0.539
Met Office
06:00, Thu

Latest forecasts

Hartington Hall Youth Hostel Heavy shower day 12 °C
Norwell Light rain 14 °C
Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit Cloudy 13 °C
Skeffington Cloudy 13 °C
Boston Deeps Heavy shower day 14 °C
Wheelgate Park Farnsfield Heavy shower day 14 °C
Rampton Light rain 14 °C
Heapham Overcast 14 °C
New Bolingbroke Cloudy 14 °C
Retford Light rain 14 °C
Holbeach Drove Cloudy 14 °C
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  • UK 5 days
  • UK 6-30 days

Regional Forecast for East Midlands


Sunny morning, then rain later. Cold and clear overnight.


Mostly dry and breezy through the morning with a few warm sunny spells. Cloud will thicken during the afternoon with rain slowly edging eastwards across the region, perhaps clearing Derbyshire by dusk with light winds and clear skies following. Maximum temperature 19 °C.


The rain should eventually clear Lincolnshire during the evening, leaving clear skies and light winds behind. Becoming quite cold with perhaps some mist and fog in places by dawn. Minimum temperature 4 °C.


A chilly start with any isolated fog patches clearing. A dry and sunny morning, then cloud will thicken during the afternoon, with some light rain arriving later and breezier conditions. Maximum temperature 18 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Mostly dry and rather cloudy Saturday with some brightness, clearing up later. Dry and warm on Sunday with sunny spells. Chance of showers on Monday, but some dry conditions too.

Updated: 02:36 on Thu 21 Sep 2017 BST

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Rain in the west moving east later.


Morning wind and rain in Scotland, Wales and western England will move eastwards, leaving brighter weather behind it later. Eastern England will be dry and bright all morning but become cloudier later. Northern Ireland will have sunshine and showers.


Rain in central England will move further east and then clear, leaving the UK with a mainly dry, clear and cold night. A few mist and fog patches will form.


Morning mist patches may be slow to clear but it will become dry and bright in the east. Rain in Northern Ireland will move into Scotland, Wales and western England.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Saturday will be bright and breezy for most, and windy in the northwest. Sunday and Monday are likely to be wet in the west, but largely dry in the east.

Updated: 04:13 on Thu 21 Sep 2017 BST

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Monday 25 Sep 2017 to Wednesday 4 Oct 2017:

Next week there will be plenty of dry weather, but there will be light rain for a time. It will be rather warm during the day time, but it is likely to be chilly at night with some mist or fog patches possible, which may last well into the morning on some days. The second half of the week will be more unsettled with wet and windy weather more likely in the northwest, with a risk of gales or perhaps severe gales. The best of the drier and brighter weather will be in the southeast. Into the start of October there is an increased chance of all parts seeing the unsettled conditions, with rain and stronger winds likely at times.

UK Outlook for Thursday 5 Oct 2017 to Thursday 19 Oct 2017:

Through early October there is considerable uncertainty in the forecast. It will be changeable, with the northwest likely to see more unsettled conditions with strong winds or gales possible, with perhaps more settled interludes in the southeast. Temperatures will be close to or slightly above normal. However, there will be some chilly nights with early morning mist and fog as well as an increased chance of frost, most likely in the north.

Updated: 04:13 on Thu 21 Sep 2017 BST

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