An external view of the Met Office building at night.

Observation-based research scientists

  • Dr Justin Langridge

    Justin is in charge of observational research for improving the representation of physical processes in weather forecasting and climate prediction models.

  • Dr Steven Abel

    Steven manages the Cloud Physics and Aerosol group, working on observational and numerical modelling studies using measurements from the FAAM BAe146 research aircraft.

  • Dr Anthony J. Baran

    Anthony studies how electromagnetic radiation interacts with particulates suspended in the Earth's atmosphere with an emphasis on ice crystal clouds or cirrus.

  • Philip R.A. Brown
  • Phil leads the Met Office collaboration with European partners in airborne research through the EUFAR international association.

  • Dr Bernard Claxton

  • Bernard improves the Met Office's NWP capability through the gathering and analysis of boundary-layer meteorological observations.

  • Dr Richard Cotton

    Richard studies cloud microphysics focusing on ice nucleation and ice-phase evolution, using data obtained from the FAAM BAe146 research aircraft.

  • Dr Stephan Havemann

    Stephan works on the development of new methods for fast radiative transfer and is also involved in the development of fast variational retrieval codes.

  • Dr Amanda Kerr-Munslow

    Amanda uses surface and balloon-borne instruments to observe and study cloud and radiation processes, so as to improve their representation in Numerical Weather Prediction forecast models.

  • Rob King

    Rob manages the Instrumentation group which designs, builds and provides technical support for Met Office instrumentation on the FAAM 146 research aircraft.

  • Dr Simon Osborne

    Simon uses ground-based instruments to observe and better understand aerosol, cloud and radiation processes, so as to improve NWP forecast models.

  • Dr Jeremy Price

    Jeremy manages the Met Office boundary layer observational research programme in support of developing better Met Office weather services.

  • Dave Tiddeman

    Dave supports airborne atmospheric research by providing programming skills and IT knowledge to optimise the use of the FAAM BAe146 aircraft and its data.

  • Andy Wilson

    Andy works on the design, manufacture, maintenance and operation of the Met Office instrumentation aboard the FAAM BAe146 research aircraft.