Guns Village (West Midlands Conurbation) weather

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Seven day forecast for Guns Village

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Guns Village
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West Midlands weather forecast


Cloudy for all, with patchy rain at times.


An overcast start, with intermittent outbreaks of light rain across northwestern areas. Remaining quite cloudy, but dry for most into the afternoon, with some lingering rain in the far west. Feeling warm in any brighter spells. Maximum temperature 20 °C.


A dry evening for most but with rain fringing southwestern areas. Overnight, further widespread rain, heavy and possibly thundery in places, moves in from the southwest, affecting all by morning. Minimum temperature 13 °C.


A wet day for most, as the widespread heavy rain, thundery in places, lingers across the region. Becoming drier from the southwest through the afternoon. Maximum temperature 21 °C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Misty starts in places on Wednesday and Thursday, then becoming fine and largely dry with sunny spells, feeling warm in these. Wet and windy Friday morning, becoming drier later.


UK long range weather forecast

Fine and dry to start across central and eastern areas on Friday. Outbreaks of rain, heavy in places, and strong winds across the northwest at first will gradually spread southeastwards through the day. Through the weekend and beyond, there is a signal for mostly fine and dry weather across southern and eastern areas, with variable amounts of cloud and sunny spells, but with the risk of overnight fog patches. Towards the northwest, perhaps cloudier with the chance of rain at times, which may spread south-eastwards to other areas. There is also the possibility that these unsettled conditions may become more widespread across the UK. Overall, temperatures are likely to be near to above average, but with the chance of some cool nights particularly in the north.


Confidence is fairly low through this period. However, the current signals suggest low pressure will lie to the northwest of the UK. This may bring unsettled conditions to northwestern areas, with a low risk of stormy conditions at times. In the southeast more settled weather is likely. Towards the end of October, a trend towards more widely settled conditions is possible. Overall, rainfall is expected to be above average with temperatures warmer than average.


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