Scotter (Lincolnshire) weather

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Seven day forecast for Scotter

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East Midlands weather forecast


Breezy, rather cloudy on Thursday. Largely clear but cold tonight.


A few sunny spells are likely at first however, it'll become breezy and rather cloudy during the morning. A few outbreaks of patchy rain are likely for some, predominantly early afternoon. Conditions brightening up later, with a few sunny spells. Maximum temperature 13 °C.


Skies will clear during the evening, allowing for a largely clear but cold night with light winds and a widespread frost. Minimum temperature -2 °C.


After a cold and frosty start, fair weather cloud will develop with perhaps the odd shower, mostly over the Derbyshire hills. Dry, largely clear in the evening. Colder than Thursday. Maximum temperature 9 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Dry and bright on Saturday, perhaps occasionally sunny. Hazy sunshine on Sunday, though windy. Overnight rain clearing to sunshine and a few showers on Monday. Temperatures above average.


UK long range weather forecast

The beginning of this period looks unsettled with Atlantic weather systems bringing frequent bands of wet and windy conditions across the UK from the south or southwest. Weather systems will likely be interspersed by brighter and showery interludes, with the best chance of any fine weather in eastern parts. There remains a chance of wintry showers during any bright and showery interludes over northern hills. Temperatures likely around average, though there is the potential for some warmer days in the east. There remains a low chance that more general settled conditions could develop to begin, bringing much drier and less windy weather. Confidence is low, but conditions at the end of the period may become quite changeable, as spells of unsettled weather alternate back and forth with more settled conditions.


The changeable theme between unsettled and more settled conditions is likely to continue in the middle of April. This would bring wet and windy conditions for many during unsettled spells and much more dry and fine weather during settled periods. More dominant settled conditions may begin to develop from the southeast as we head towards the end of April. This dry and fine weather has the potential to gradually push northwestwards across much of the UK, though the far northwest will likely remain rather unsettled. Temperatures vary around average to begin the period, but probably trending above average by the end of the month, especially in the south. Frosts are still possible to begin this period but will likely become infrequent by the end.


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