Orkney & Shetland weather

Orkney & Shetland weather forecast


Warm, dry and sunny on Friday.

This Evening and Tonight:

A dry and fine end to the day with some late sunshine. Staying mostly clear overnight, although perhaps some patchy cloud across Shetland by dawn. Light winds. Minimum temperature 4 °C.


Another dry and mostly sunny day across the Northern Isles on Friday. A little high cloud at times over Shetland turning sunshine hazy. Feeling warm. Maximum temperature 15 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Cloudy conditions returning on Saturday and Sunday with the chance of a little drizzle at times. A brighter day on Monday, although still the chance of a spot of rain.


UK long range weather forecast

In general, the UK is likely to see a continuation of the recent dry weather for much of this period. Eastern and northern areas are likely to see more cloud than the west, especially in coastal areas exposed to onshore winds. It will likely feel warm to rather warm across western areas, though cooler in the east when under cloud. There is a chance of isolated showers, mostly over high ground, in the early part of the period, with a small, but increasing, risk of rain or showers, perhaps thundery, over parts of southern and south-eastern England and Wales as the period progresses. Winds are likely to be light for most, though stronger in the south of England, and in coastal areas near the English Channel.


An uncertain second half to the month. The most likely scenario is for dry settled conditions in the north, and a risk of rain or showers, perhaps thundery, in the south. Winds may ease over the period leading to temperatures increasing to average to above average in eastern areas; elsewhere in the UK, it is likely to feel warm to rather warm.


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