London & South East England regional forecast

London & South East England weather forecast


Breezy but mainly dry with some sunny spells.


Much of the region will see a dry day with some good sunny spells. However cloud will increase more generally from the west towards evening. Maximum temperature 9 °C.


Mostly dry across the region overnight with clear spells developing for a time and winds falling light. However, thickening cloud will bring rain to western parts by morning. Minimum temperature 5 °C.


Rain in the west soon spreading east to all parts. Some heavier bursts likely, especially in the south, but becoming light and patchy by afternoon. Milder than of late. Maximum temperature 12 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Friday windy and mild with rain spreading from the west. Saturday cooler and brighter, but some rain possible in the south. Further rain clearing east through Sunday.


UK long range weather forecast

After a wet and windy day Sunday, the beginning of next week will remain unsettled with outbreaks of rain or showers. Thereafter, we should see the dominance of high pressure across the UK. This will allow a shift towards more settled conditions with a good deal of sunshine across most parts. Northern and eastern areas are likely to start this period cold with a chance of wintry showers, these likely falling as snow to relatively low levels at times. Towards the end of next week, the settled weather will spread further east with plenty of sunny spells by day and a risk of frost by night. Following this, it looks to stay mostly dry but it may turn increasingly cloudy towards the middle of February with possible overnight fog.


This period seems to trend towards a more typical northwest/southeast divide. The southeast should hold on to the drier and calmer weather for a while longer with a continued risk of overnight frost and fog. Further north, it will turn increasingly unsettled with outbreaks of rain and strong winds at times. Temperatures will gradually return towards normal, but will remain a little below average during the settled spell in the south.


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