London & South East England regional forecast

London & South East England weather forecast


Staying cold, breezy and showery into Tuesday

This Evening and Tonight:

There is the risk of a few showers overnight, but most areas will be dry with largely clear skies. It will stay windy and it will turn rather cold, particularly in more rural spots. Minimum temperature 2 °C.


After a dry and bright start, cloud will thicken through the morning. Showery rain is expected through the afternoon, clearing through the evening. Staying rather cold and breezy. Maximum temperature 8 °C.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Wednesday will be drier and brighter, with lighter winds. It will turn more unsettled through Thursday and Friday, with rain or showers interspersed with some drier spells. Staying rather cold.


UK long range weather forecast

Saturday looks to be an improvement from the recent unsettled theme. Showers or spells of rain should push away from the southeast leaving drier and sunnier conditions. Rain looks likely to creep into the west throughout the day, with Northern Ireland and Scotland seeing the worst of the weather. Looking ahead, a return to the unsettled weather seems probable with rain or showers and some snow on northern hills. Winds may turn to a more easterly direction, which could lead to more rain in the east and drier conditions in the west. Overnight frost and fog is likely during quieter spells, which may extend across much of the country towards the end of the period.


Through the second half of November and into December, confidence remains low. The strongest winds and more prolonged periods of rain are likely in the south at first. The driest and brightest weather is more likely in the north, especially northeast. However, there is a continued risk of rain and hill snow at times for northern locations. There is a chance that there will be a gradual transition to more unsettled weather in the north, accompanied by periods of strong winds and rain, while the southeast becomes more settled and drier. Temperatures are likely to be below average at the beginning of this period, with the potential for widespread frosts overnight. Temperatures may return to around average for the time of year, but colder periods are possible in the north.


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