Weather Observations Website (WOW)

The Weather Observation Website is the perfect way to stay occupied during the holidays, whether you're interested in being a meteorologist, presenter or scientist, or you just want to know what the weather is doing in your area.

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What is WOW?

The Weather Observations Website (WOW) was launched in June 2011, with support from the Royal Meteorological Society and the Department for Education, for weather observers across the UK - which could include weather reports from you.

The purpose of the website is to provide a platform for the sharing of current weather observations from all around the globe, regardless of where they come from, what level of detail or the frequency of reports.

Using WOW, we are giving all of you the chance to send us local observations of weather in your area. These observations can be ones you have recorded on specially-designed digital, scientific or wireless weather stations or just by looking out of the window or sending in a photo.