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Weather careers stories - lesson plan

Use this lesson to explore exciting stories behind weather and climate careers. It’s supported by a graphic novel style cartoon, curriculum-linked
activities and worksheets to bring learning to life.

Learners will develop their skills in research, learn about exciting new technologies and explore different careers in weather and climate.

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Explore different career journeys in weather and climate careers
  • Learn a variety of terms related to weather careers and technologies
  • Identify and demonstrate different skills and personal qualities needed to succeed in different weather and climate careers
  • Explore what is meant by diversity and its importance to people and businesses 

Curriculum links

  • Health and wellbeing – evaluating personal strengths, interests, skills and links to employment, understanding diversity and its importance
  • Sciences – topical science, water changing state, forces, magnets
  • Geography/social studies – measuring and recording the weather, exploring climate zones and their effect on living things
  • Literacy and English language – reading, functional and imaginative writing, talking and listening
  • Expressive arts – choose and explore media and a variety of techniques, communicate thoughts, ideas and feelings through art and design

Time required

  • Icebreaker: 25 minutes
  • Technical term-busting: 20 minutes
  • Explore the people and careers behind the story: 45 minutes

The activities can be delivered as a series of lessons or as bitesized, standalone exercises.

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  Weather careers stories lesson plan



  Weather heroes cartoon



  Weather careers stories factsheet



   Weather careers stories backstory



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