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South West England regional forecast

South West England forecast map

Exeter Sunny day 50.718 -3.533
Camborne Sunny day 50.212 -5.294
Lyme Regis Sunny day 50.725 -2.935
Wadebridge Sunny day 50.516 -4.835
Bristol Sunny day 51.454 -2.587
Bath Sunny day 51.375 -2.358
Dartmouth Sunny day 50.352 -3.578
Plymouth Sunny day 50.371 -4.135
Launceston Sunny day 50.64 -4.357
Tavistock Sunny day 50.551 -4.141
Taunton Sunny day 51.015 -3.106
Barnstaple Sunny day 51.078 -4.057
Minehead Sunny day 51.204 -3.48
Bude Sunny day 50.826 -4.543
Bournemouth Sunny day 50.719 -1.879
Chulmleigh Sunny day 50.913 -3.868
Devizes Sunny day 51.349 -1.993
Gillingham (Dorset) Sunny day 51.036 -2.276
Dorchester Sunny day 50.714 -2.438
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St Briavels Youth Hostel Sunny day 15 °C
Beaminster Sunny day 16 °C
Cardinham Sunny day 15 °C
Yeovilton Sunny day 16 °C
Avon Ski Centre Sunny day 14 °C
Trenear Sunny day 15 °C
Stonehouse Sunny day 16 °C
Elmscott Youth Hostel Sunny day 14 °C
Ashcott Sunny day 15 °C
Amesbury Sunny day 16 °C
Little Weston Sunny day 15 °C
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Regional Forecast for South West England


Mainly fine and dry over the next few days.


Any early mist or fog will clear quickly to leave a fine day with clear blue skies and sunshine. It will be a little warmer than yesterday for most. Maximum temperature 20 °C.


Staying fine into the evening, then dry overnight with clear skies. Temperatures will drop quickly, and there will be fog patches forming in the early hours. Minimum temperature 2 °C.


Any fog patches will clear quickly, to leave another sunny day with light winds. It will feel warm in the sunshine. Maximum temperature 23 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Staying fine, dry and settled with sunny spells and some patchy cloud. It will feel a little cooler by day, and cold at night with some overnight frost/fog possible.

Updated: 02:50 on Wed 26 Sep 2018 BST

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Wet and windy in the north, warmer in the south.


Early mist or fog in central/southern England and Wales will clear quickly to leave a sunny day, and warmer than yesterday. However in the north of the UK, there will be rain through much of the day, and strong winds.


Rain continuing in the north overnight, with heavy bursts across Scotland, but easing up in Northern Ireland and northern England. Clear, dry and cold in the south with fog patches.


Sunny and warm in the south again, but cloudier in the Midlands and North Wales. Cloudy with rain in northern England and Northern Ireland. Brighter with showers across Scotland.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Sunny spells Friday and Saturday, but some rain and strong winds in the north. Sunday central areas rather cloudy with light rain possible. Cold at night; some overnight frost/fog possible.

Updated: 02:48 on Wed 26 Sep 2018 BST

Outlook for the UK over the next 6-30 days

UK Outlook for Sunday 30 Sep 2018 to Tuesday 9 Oct 2018:

Sunday sees fine and settled weather with sunny spells for most, but with a band of cloud and increasingly light and patchy rain sinking slowly southwards through the day. On Monday some wet and windy weather may move south across northern areas, but weakening as it does so. Ahead of this there'll be fine weather with some sunshine. Through the first week of October unsettled, windy weather is possible in the far north, perhaps affecting parts of the east at times. However many areas should remain settled, with some cold nights and early morning fog, but with some warm sunshine by day. Into the second week of October more generally changeable conditions may become established.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 10 Oct 2018 to Wednesday 24 Oct 2018:

The start of this period is likely to begin with a lot of dry and fine weather, but with an increasing trend towards much more changeable conditions becoming established. Whilst there remains considerable uncertainty in the forecast detail, there is a greater chance of spells of wet and windy weather from mid October onwards, with the rain possibly turning wintry at times over the highest ground in the north. There should still be some spells of dry and fine weather, especially at first, but these will bring some cold nights and morning fog. Temperatures will be generally colder than average, but with some milder interludes at times.

Updated: 02:48 on Wed 26 Sep 2018 BST

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