Tacolneston tower

The Tacolneston tower (TAC) began measuring a wide range of trace gases in August 2012. The University of East Anglia (Prof. Bill Sturges) perform maintenance and data collection at the site and are partially funded through NCAS.

Tacolneston is located on the east coast of England, 10 miles west of Norwich at 52.5177o N 1.1386o E and 56 m above sea level. The site is registered by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) as a Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) regional station. Most trace gas measurements are made from the 185 m inlet, whilst CO2 and CH4 measurements are also taken from inlets at 54 m and 100 m. There are no major sources of local pollution and the surrounding rural area is covered in arable land.

Instruments used at Tacolneston