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Katie Brown

Katie is an Applied Scientist

Katie supports and develops meteorological products for the aviation community and provides consultancy to aviation customers.

Current activities

Since joining the Aviation Applications team Katie has worked on a number of projects including identifying and facilitating improvements to the Met Office’s forecasting of disruptive convection in the LTMA (London Terminal Maneuvering Area). She has also spent time developing the WAFC (World Area Forecast Centre) hazard forecasts of CB (cumulonimbus clouds) and inflight icing.

Career background

Katie started working at the Met Office as a summer placement student in June 2011. She worked in Climate Impacts on a project looking at "The Impacts of Geoengineering on Food and Water Security". Following this Katie undertook a Masters at the University of Exeter and worked with the Met Office and the university to extend her summer placement project as her dissertation. Katie graduated with an MSci in Mathematics (Climate Science) in July 2012.

In September 2012 Katie accepted a position at the Met Office on their graduate programme and in early 2013 she joined Aviation Applications permanently.

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