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Transmission and distribution

Maintain energy supplies by planning for exceptional weather events

Having a clear understanding of what to expect from severe weather events helps to prevent loss of supply to your customers.

Warning services enable you to put together mitigation plans to manage risks to your network in advance of hazardous weather conditions. In the event of damage to infrastructure, they help you organise vital repairs whilst ensuring the safety of maintenance staff.

Our accurate site specific and regional forecasts, set at the thresholds you require, cover a whole range of weather elements that are crucial to your business.

Our services include:

Hazard forecast

A fully customisable report that provides detailed forecasts for specific locations or regions to enable you to plan and manage operations, resourcing and health and safety. Additional text commentary provides further detail to support the forecast.

Significant Weather Update

An event based weather report providing up-to 72 hours advance warning of impending significant weather together with an analysis of the impact that the weather event may have.

Forecaster advisory service

Our team of dedicated energy meteorologists are available 24/7 to answer queries on your forecasts, support your understanding and provide updates during developing situations. We can also arrange for a meteorologist to be involved in routine or ad hoc teleconference discussions with your team.

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