UNDP Weather Kids

Ahead of this year’s World Meteorological Day (23 March), broadcasters and online platforms across the globe are airing a different type of weather forecast. Instead of the usual forecast for the days ahead, they are sharing a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Weather Kids forecast.

Children have taken on the role of a traditional meteorologist and are sharing a forecast for 2050, by which time they will be adults. Not only are young presenters describing the weather, but they are also showing us a projection of how extreme weather will impact their everyday lives.

Weather Kids provides a voice to some of the most vulnerable to climate change – our children – who will experience the impacts of future climate change as grown-ups. The most important message is that it is not too late for adults to take action now, so that the future for our kids is more positive than current projections for 2050.

UK Weather Kid

As UNDP’s official UK partner, we have produced a UK Weather Kids forecast. Watch the video below to hear from Jack as he delivers the 2050 forecast.


Make a pledge for the future

UNDP are encouraging everyone to sign a pledge on behalf of a child to take climate action now, so that we can change how the future looks in 2050.

Here are some ideas for pledges you could take:

Make a pledge on the UNDP Weather Kids website.

Share your pledge on social media with our Weather Kid pledge graphic:

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