Short Heath (West Midlands Conurbation) weather

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Seven day forecast for Short Heath

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West Midlands weather forecast


Fog slowly clearing. Dry and cloudy throughout.


Mist and fog will be slow to clear during the morning, leaving the day dry and cloudy. A light breeze throughout the region and feeling cold. Maximum temperature 8 °C.


Remaining dry and cloudy heading into the night. In the early hours, cloud will thicken, and winds will start to strengthen. Some patches of overnight mist and fog are likely. Minimum temperature 6 °C.


Fog will largely clear through the morning, perhaps lingering over hills. Cloudy throughout, with outbreaks of rain for some, mainly in the northwest. Feeling less cold. Maximum temperature 10 °C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Bright on Tuesday, chilly with potential early morning frost. Dry and murky on Wednesday morning before rain arrives. Turning colder and windy thereafter with scattered showers on Thursday, possibly heavy.


UK long range weather forecast

High pressure and generally settled weather will likely give way to wetter, and at times windier, conditions through the first week of December. Outbreaks of rain are likely in most areas, notably northern areas at first, and perhaps more southern areas into the weekend. Gales may also develop, these most likely for exposed western areas. Later in the period it may well turn more settled, though colder, with a return of night frost and fog. Some showers are likely too, these perhaps wintry at times in the north. Temperatures may start off near normal, though often feeling colder in windier and wetter spells. Below normal temperatures are then slightly more likely for later in the period.


Despite some mixed signals, the general trend suggests typical early winter weather with periods of persistent rain and showery interludes. Cloudy and blustery conditions are still likely in the east at first. Overall, the best of the driest and brightest weather is in the south and east. Frost and fog patches are likely during any settled spells, and any wintry precipitation is likely in colder and more unsettled spells over high ground of the north and northwest. Conditions in the southwest are likely to turn more settled through the month. There is a risk of gales, with the strongest winds being seen to the north and northwest.


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