Lenton (Nottingham) weather

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Seven day forecast for Lenton

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East Midlands weather forecast


Dry with bright or sunny spells. Feeling warmer.


Any early patchy mist or low cloud will soon clear, leaving a dry day with bright or sunny spells, although cloud will tend to increase. It will feel a little warmer, compared to recent days. Maximum temperature 15 °C.


Dry and becoming largely clear. The southeasterly breeze will continue, with temperatures not falling much along the coast, whereas inland some rural locations will become rather chilly. Minimum temperature 4 °C.


Dry and generally sunny, and becoming very warm. However, the temperatures will be tempered by the brisk southeast wind, strong over high ground and along the coast. Maximum temperature 20 °C.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Monday any remaining overnight rain will clear, then sunshine and a few showers. Tuesday and Wednesday dry with long sunny periods. Temperatures will be close to or slightly above normal.


UK long range weather forecast

After any fog or mist clears from the south of the UK, it should be another mostly dry and sunny day on Wednesday for many, with patchy rain or drizzle here and there. Temperatures staying warm, especially towards the south. Moving into Thursday and Friday, it is likely that we will see the reappearance of some wet weather but temperatures are still likely to remain warm. Looking further ahead in this period, and there should be a good deal of dry and settled weather with spells of sunshine. The driest conditions and warmest temperatures are mostly likely towards the south, and whilst still warm in the north, there may some windier and wetter periods at times and a risk of overnight frosts.


Although confidence is low during this time period, the most probable scenario is that dry weather should dominate, with some interludes of more changeable weather at times. Towards the end of the period, there appears to be some signals that it may be drier towards the northwest UK, with some wetter and windier weather further south. Temperatures are likely to vary around the average or even slightly above, with some large variations between day and night.


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