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resources for ages 7 to 11

First explorations 

This content can be used to start exploring concepts in climate change and weather. 

resources for ages 11 to 14

Deeper discovery

This content can be used to explore concepts in climate change and weather in more depth. 


Weather and climate affect everything, from the way we live, to what we eat, to our personal safety. We want to help young people understand the wide-reaching impacts of weather and climate change locally and globally, for people, places and businesses.

Combining world-leading meteorology expertise with a sense of fun and adventure, our programme’s free set of curriculum-linked resources aim to spark students’ curiosity in the world around them and help them understand the effects of weather and climate on their community, either as a one-off activity or as part of a wider scheme of work.

Whether you're a teacher, home educator or community group leader, our resources have been designed to be flexible and help make delivery of the curriculum engaging, easy and enjoyable. Most of our lesson plans are available in Welsh (hosted alongside the English ones), and as we build our programme, we will continue to expand our Welsh-language content.

We'd love to hear from you about how you're using our resources, what you like, what could be improved or what you'd like us to provide in the future.We'll be releasing new resources on a regular basis, so do check back for updates and keep an eye on our Met Office Learning Twitter feed for news.  You can also email us

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