Where is hot in May?

The hottest places to go on holiday in May

On average, some of the hottest places to visit in May are:

  1. Cancun (37.5 °C)
  2. Bangkok (34.6 °C)
  3. Singapore (32.3 °C)
  4. Phuket (32.3 °C)
  5. Cairo (31.9 °C)
  6. Las Vegas (31.4 °C)
  7. Orlando (31.3 °C)
  8. Dominican Republic (31 °C)
  9. Barbados (30.7 °C)
  10. Cuba (30.2 °C)

Where can I go on holiday in May?

Temperature in Cancun in May

  • Cancun's average temperature in May is 37.5 °C

Cancun, Mexico

Situated at the tip of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, the 'Glistening City' of Cancun sits on the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

Like most of Mexico's eastern coastal region, the warm Caribbean Sea helps to create a typical tropical coastal climate with a wet season, very similar to the nearby Caribbean islands.

May temperatures tend to peak at an average of 37.5 °C though this high temperature is made somewhat more bearable by coastal winds a lower average humidity of around 66%.

Temperature in Bangkok in May

  • Bangkok's average temperature in May is 34.6 °C

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand's capital and most populous city, Bangkok is a huge metropolis accounting for almost 13% of the country's population.

Average daily maximum temperatures reach 34.6 °C with an average of 7 sunshine hours. However, as with Phuket, May also sees the beginning of the wet season with 245 mm of rainfall.

Temperature in Singapore in May

  • Singapore's average temperature in May is 32.3 °C

City skyline of Singapore

Temperatures in Singapore see little variation throughout the year and May sees a typically high average daily maximum temperature of 32.3 °C. Humidity is also high at around 83% which, combined with light winds at this time of year, make for a very warm climate.

Daily temperature ranges are also relatively minimal meaning nighttimes are also extremely warm. To escape the heat, which can sometimes feel oppressive, head to the coast where the sea breezes pick up in the afternoon.

Temperature in Phuket in May

  • Phuket's average temperature in May is 32.3 °C

Islands of Phuket, Thailand

Temperatures in Phuket are consistently high throughout the whole year with an annual average maximum temperature of 31.9 °C. May is one of the warmest months with an average daily maximum of 32.3 °C.

May in Thailand though does signal the beginning of the wet season as the south-west monsoons begin blowing in from the Indian Ocean bringing warm, humid air, clouds and rainfall. Whilst by no means the wettest month in Phuket, May sees an average rainfall of 260 mm.

Temperature in Cairo in May

  • Cairo's average temperature in May is 31.9 °C

Sphinx and pyramids in Cairo, Egypt

The historical capital city of Cairo is the largest on the continent of Africa and perhaps most famous as home to ancient history including the Grand Egyptian Museum and the nearby Great Pyramids.

May is a popular time to visit with reliably hot temperatures peaking at an average of 31.9 ºC and 11 hours of daily sunshine. Nighttime temperatures at this time of year can still be surprisingly cool.

It is also typically one of the driest months with less than 1mm recorded.

Temperature in Las Vegas in May

  • Las Vegas' average temperature in May is 31.4 °C

Strip in Las Vegas, USAOne of the entertainment capitals of the world, Las Vegas is situated in the Mojave Desert surrounded by mountains.

As might be expected of its desert location, Las Vegas is dry and warm throughout the year and May is no exception.

Temperatures reach an average of 31.4 ºC with 12 hours of sunshine and just 7 mm rain.

Temperature in Orlando in May

  • Orlando's average temperature in May is 31.3 °C

Orlando, USAHome to some of the world's most popular theme parks, the city of Orlando is one of Florida's most popular destinations with around 60 million visitors each year.

Temperatures reach an average of 31.3 ºC during May and there are around 9 hours of sunshine each day.

About 22 days of the month are dry, but thundery showers are likely with 90 mm rainfall received on average in May.

Temperature in the Dominican Republic in May

  • The Dominican Republic's average temperature in May is 31 °C

Beach in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern side of the island known as Hispaniola that it shares with Haiti. It is the Caribbean's most visited destination famous for its highest peak, Pico Duarte and the Caribbean's largest lake, Lake Enriquillo.

Maximum temperatures average 31 ºC throughout May winds are very light breezes (averaging 4.8 mph).

May though is one of the wettest months in the Dominican Republic with 173 mm rainfall falling. These rains tend to fall as thundery showers in the late afternoon and evening so are generally easy to avoid.

Temperature in Barbados in May

  • Barbados' average temperature in May is 30.7 °C

Bottom Bay in Barbados

The Caribbean island of Barbados is just 14 miles wide and is surrounded by countless beaches of pink and white sand, perhaps none more famous than Crane Beach with white sands, blue seas and coconut trees lining the cliff faces.

Average daily maximums in May reach 30.7 ºC with wall-to-wall sunshine of 9 hours each day.

Similar to Cuba, May does see the beginning of the wet season though, and while May is by no means the wettest month, heavy downpours could be expected particularly later in the month.

Temperature in Cuba in May

  • Cuba's average temperature in May is 30.2 °C


Home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the unique island of Cuba has some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world.

During the month of May, temperatures in Cuba rise to an average daily maximum of 30.2 ºC and it is the sunniest month on the island with an average of 8 hours of sunshine each day.

Cuba has a tropical climate which means that May marks the beginning of the wet season which runs until October.