Bringing data to life - lesson plan

This lesson explores the question: “What will weather information of the future look like?” Your class will be introduced to some of the key tools Met Office uses to bring weather data to life. They will then use their imagination to create their own vision of how weather data might be communicated in the future.

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Identify the individuals, skills and careers involved in communicating weather information
  • Develop evaluation skills to address the strengths and weaknesses of weather symbols in representing data
  • Demonstrate creativity and imagination in designing a weather app for the future

Curriculum links:

  • PSHE and citizenship/PSE/health and wellbeing/PDMU – Building on careers in a digital world
  • Mathematics and numeracy – Understanding ways data can be presented
  • English literacy and language – Written and oral communication
  • Art and design/expressive arts – Visual storytelling
  • Sciences/science and technology – Experimenting, measuring, evaluating

Time required: 60 minutes for all activities (or less if individual tasks are selected)

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  Bringing data to life lesson plan



   Bringing data to life classroom presentation



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