Bring Deeps (Orkney Islands) weather

Forecast days

Seven day forecast for Bring Deeps

Orkney & Shetland weather forecast


Sunshine and scattered showers.


A bright day with sunny spells and scattered showers, the showers mostly around Shetland with Orkney seeing the best of the sunshine. Light to moderate northerly winds and on the cool side. Maximum temperature 11 °C.


Sunny then clear spells and mainly dry though one or two well scattered showers are still likely. Mainly light winds and becoming chilly. Minimum temperature 3 °C.


Shetland will have a bright day with some sunny spells along with the odd shower. Orkney will start off bright but will cloud over perhaps with some patchy rain. Colder. Maximum temperature 9 °C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Cloudy start on Friday over Orkney otherwise bright with some sunny spells along with a few isolated showers. Mainly light winds.


UK long range weather forecast

Unsettled weather continues through the start of the period, with widespread showers. Persistent rain is also possible, turning heavy locally and moving eastwards through the UK, particularly on Sunday. As next week progresses there is a chance of more settled conditions to gradually become established. Rain and showers are likely to clear away to the east, leaving drier and less windy conditions behind by the end of the week. Temperatures look likely to remain on the cool side, though feeling pleasant in the sunshine. Night temperatures could become chilly, with late season frost in prone spots a possibility. As we move into the following week, things become more uncertain, but indications suggest a continuation of drier weather with the possibility of temperatures starting to increase slightly.


Confidence is low for this period, which is usual during spring and early summer. Current expectations is that conditions will be predominantly dry, especially across the south and east. Less settled interludes are still possible, however, especially in the northwest. There are indications that temperatures will likely start recovering, moving more towards typical temperatures for this time of year. Settled conditions are likely to keep nights cool, but produce some warmer days.


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